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Auto, Truck, Motorcycle, Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

As we are all aware, our roads get more crowed every day. Unfortunately, car, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian and bicycle accidents also occur every day in Clackamas County and many of those accidents result in minor to serious to catastrophic injuries.

Many of these accidents are caused by "bad drivers" that have Insurance Company's and Attorney's protecting them nearly from the moment the accident occurs. Incomprehensibly, the bad drivers Insurance Company's sole purposes are to under-value and minimize your injury, your damages and your losses as a result of the accident. If you do not have a qualified attorney protecting you, it is highly unlikely that you will be justly compensated for your injuries and damages caused by the bad driver. Call my office today and let the bad drivers' insurance company know you will not be cheated or taken advantage of. Call 503 659-4440 now.

Personal Injury

Despite their non-stop advertisements, insurance companies are not your friend. They do not want to pay your claim and they most certainly do not want to pay full value for your claim. They use many tactics to deny rightful compensation or to not pay your claim altogether, including;

  • After the accident they call you on a regular basis and caringly act as though you won't need an attorney because they will "work with you"
  • Demanding that the injured person provide a recorded-statement that they will use against the injured person at a later time
  • Demanding that the injured person sign a medical release so the insurance company can look through all of your medical records without any limitations
  • Demanding your entire employment file if you are making a lost wage claim
  • When you do not agree to their valuation of your claim, they will require you to be seen by a Dr. of their choosing and when that Dr. writes a report that remarkably finds little or no injury, contrary to your own Dr., they will use the report to further pressure you into accepting less value for your claim
  • Sending the injured party a small check out-of-the-blue with a legally binding Release hoping you will just give up and accept it or sign it without understanding what it legally means.

At Randy Oetken Law, I have been successfully standing up for and aggressively representing wrongfully injured people in Oregon and Clackamas County since 1992. I offer free advice over the phone, free consultations in my office or your home and if you do not receive a money recovery, my time and services are also free. Call right now for your free legal consultation. (503) 659-4440.

Injuries, Insurance, Medical Bills
How a person is injured will normally determine if there is immediate medical insurance available apart from their own medical health coverage (or lack thereof). Who, how and when these bills are paid can become overwhelmingly complicated for a variety of legal reasons and it is unlikely an average person will know all of their rights and what they are entitled without an experienced personal injury attorney helping. For people injured on a motorcycle, bicycle, or someone's property, there are special and complicated rules. We can't promise we can make you whole, but we do promise to investigate and pursue every possible avenue an injured person has for a full financial recovery. Call for a free legal assessment now. 503 659-4440
Property Damage
Because insurance is regulated on a state-by-state basis, the following information is generalized. To determine your rights in your individual state, please refer to your contract of insurance or give us a call (toll-free and without obligation) at (503) 659-4440.
Diminished Value
Traffic accidents damage thousands of motor vehicles each year. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a motor vehicle collision happens every ten seconds in the United States.

The financial consequences of an automobile accident can last long after your automobile is repaired. An automobile involved in an accident is permanently diminished in value. Diminished value happens when a vehicle involved in an accident suffers physical damage structurally, cosmetically, or both. Even if the vehicle is repaired to an immaculate, like-new condition it is still worth less money than it was before the automobile accident occurred.
Traumatic Brain Injury
Loss of consciousness is not necessary to sustain minor brain injury. However, longer loss of consciousness usually implies greater injury to the brain. Testing and evaluation by a neuropsychologist/neurologist is essential early on. Often times many providers, family physicians and otherwise, overlook the severity of these issues thinking you only have neck pain causing these headaches when in fact you have a traumatic brain injury. If not addressed and treated, TBI can cause ongoing problems.
Wrongful Death
The name says it all. A person has lost their life at the hands or instrument of a wrongful act by a person, event, business, product or any combinations thereof. It is generally easy to point the finger at what caused a person's death. Whether or not there will be "legal" responsibility assessed for causing the death is a completely different question requiring an injury attorney experienced in other areas of the law including probate, personal injury, product liability, medical malpractice and wrongful death laws. Randy Oetken Law has that experience. If you have lost someone, don't wait to consult an attorney. Insurance Company's will hire their own professionals immediately. Time is of the essence for your attorney investigating the matter promptly. Call for an immediate free legal consultation. There is no obligation of any kind. 503 659-4440.
Elderly Abuse
Baby boomers are coming of age and reaping the benefits of modern medicine to live longer than any previous generation. As our life expectancy increases, an ever-increasing portion of our society is joining the ranks of the elderly, and more and more families are faced with decisions about the care of their aging relatives. The old model of providing care for the elderly at home has become less practical, as most adults work outside the home and are not available to care for aging parents. The best available option for elderly care is often an assisted living facility or a nursing home. When elderly people are in a situation where they must rely on others for their basic needs, without the daily vigilance of family members, they sometimes find themselves at the mercy of caregivers who really don't careā€”or in the worst cases, may go beyond being neglectful to becoming actively abusive.
Medical Malpractice
We put our lives and our health in the hands of our doctors, nurses, hospitals, and other medical care providers and trust that they will do what is right and help us lead long and healthy lives. Unfortunately, our trust is sometimes misplaced. Most people who choose medicine as a career are committed to excellence at all times; nevertheless, people die in surprising numbers every year because of medical errors. The Hearst Media Corporation reported that 200,000 deaths occur annually from preventable medical mistakes and infections. Harvard University conducted the most comprehensive study of medical errors ever done in the United States and found that an estimated one million patients in the United States are injured by hospital errors every year.
Premises Accident Injury
From being bitten by a dog to falling on a dangerous sidewalk, homeowners have a legal duty to protect you from dangerous conditions on their property. Many of these types of injuries involve severe injuries. If you have a question about whether a homeowner or business is responsible for an injury occurring on their property, we can answer the question and help you with getting your medical bills paid for and presenting your injury claim. These claims require prompt legal attention before a repair occurs or information disappears. Call 503 659-4440 for a free consultation.
Product Liability
A defective product not only fails to live up to your expectations, but it can also seriously injure you, leaving you with lasting pain and hardship. To ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for injuries or damage a defective product has caused you, you should familiarize yourself with the consumer protection laws of your state.
Dog Bite Injury
Dog bites are a nationwide problem. Nearly six out of ten U.S. households include a pet. Dog owners claim that their canine companions lower their stress levels and bring happiness to their lives. But these companions also sometimes bring stress and unhappiness to others in the form of dangerous, even life-threatening, injuries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that nationwide about 20 people are killed, and another 585,000 injured, from dog bites every year. About 77 percent of dog bites are from the pets of family or friends, and 50 percent of attacks occur on the dog owner's property. Nearly one in five dog bite attacks requires serious medical attention, and 31,000 people underwent reconstructive surgery in 2006 alone for injuries caused by dog attacks.
Child Injury
If your young child is injured through the fault of another, it is one of the most helpless feelings a parent will ever know. Many parents become racked with guilt thinking they could have done something different to prevent the injury. Rarely is that the case. Handling a child's injury claim in Oregon requires an attorney with special personal injury knowledge because of significant differences in how the Courts and the law treat children versus an injured adult. Randy Oetken Law has been successfully representing children with serious injuries for over 20 years. Call for a free consultation of your child's rights and injury claim. 503 659-4440.